Student IDEAS Lab

The IDEAS Lab will take place this summer. These events will include discussion of scientific ideas and discoveries that are then explored through a hands-on activity.

Our Vision

​Inspire involvement in STEAM. 
Develop an appreciation for the science of everyday life.
Engage with the community on a personal level.
Achieve a new level of abilities and skills.
Succeed in passing on the continuous growth mindset.

Note: The activity will be held in the Savannah, GA area. Details of the venue will be provided via email, two days before the event.

About the Hosts

​Society of Women Engineers Outreach Co-Chairs, Caroline Spencer and Erin Gillooly will be hosting the Summer Idea Labs Series for summer 2024! Caroline and Erin are advocates for STEM Education in the greater Savannah area. Erin is a Flight Controls Engineer at Gulfstream Aerospace and is currently pursing her masters at John Hopkins University. Caroline is a Flight Test Engineer at Gulfstream Aerospace and is currently pursing her private pilot license. 

Register for June 8th 11 – 12pm

IDEAS Lab Flyer