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Website Chair Needed

If you have been on the fence about helping to support SWE, then now is your opportunity to consider a leadership position.
​We are in need of help with maintaining our website! No coding experience required and it’s super easy to learn. Guidance from others that currently maintain it with the freedom to make as many improvements in a no-pressure environment!
Description of Communication Team can be found here: Become an Officer/Chair

Vice President Needed

Want to Make Your Resume and Leadership Experience Stand Out?

Leadership positions through organizations are one of the best extracurriculars for gaining no-pressure leadership experience to advance your career!​

SWE Savannah Coastal Empire invites you to join our team!
Description of the VP Role can be found here: Become an Officer/Chair

Join as a Committee Member

Join our vibrant committees and/or reach out if you have questions about the available openings.

Expand below for the Open Chairs Needed to fill ALSO see the Committee areas if you want to join one of the teams to help out!!

Outreach Committee

  1. Plan, coordinate & organize events with local schools/organizations targeting Elementary, Middle & High School students.

Collegiate Committee

  1. Serve as the Collegiate Liaison, plan and organize events.
  2. Develop relationships with college SWE sections.

Professional Development Committee

  1. Plan and organize professional development events for the membership and local professional community.
  2. Plan and organize technical meetings/tours for the membership and local professional community.
  3. Partner with other professional organizations to expose members to unique development opportunities.

Social Events Committee

  1. Plan and organize social events that provide networking, interaction, and fun for all members.

Scholarship and Fundraising Committee

  1. Plan and organize fundraising opportunities to support the scholarship.
  2. Organize the scholarship: Send out applications, run committee to review applications and award the scholarship.

Communications Committee (any or all of below support)

  1. Support Social Media Content Generation
  2. Help update all social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).
  3. Support and update the website.
  4. Take photographs as events
  5. Support with the monthly newsletter

Membership Committee

  1. Reach out to current, new, and potential members to:
  • Educate them about SWE
  • See where interests are and introduce them to members
  • Send welcome emails, renewal reminders, and any other communication to help with retaining and gaining members to the section
  1. Plan member events with social chair.
  2. Coordinate with Secretary & President to keep current member list up to date each month.

Social Media Team / Committee

Outreach Team / Committee