Girls Engineer It Day

STEM is a buzz word that everyone is talking about these days. We take that acronym and bring it to life! Each year we host our Girls Engineer It Day event designed to teach that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math isn’t as difficult as students might think.

Our Girls Engineer It! Day includes:
* An Expo where area companies showcase their STEM fields
* Each student participates in 2-3 different age-appropriate activities
* Open to all students Grades 4 – 12 (see activities based on grade below)
* Hands-on activities led by area STEM professionals and enthusiasts
* Commemorative t-shirt and goodie bag
* Free Parent session to support the students w/ their STEM journey

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Girls Engineer It! Day Agenda/Timeline

Please see the Event Schedule and details
Elementary timeline: 12:30 – 4:15pm
Middle & High School timeline: 12:30 – 5:25pm

On the left side of the Agenda is the student schedule/timeline.
On the right side is the Adult/Parent schedule/timeline

Activity by Grade

Thank you to all of our incredible sponsors who make this event happen!

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